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members only. [Mar. 29th, 2008|09:52 pm]
anti everything peyton


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members only. 

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From: dianaperfume
2008-12-06 09:08 pm (UTC)

why peyton should die.

i'm a die hard peyton HATER ! and a die hard brooke LOVER.

p - pathetic
e - egotistic
y - yuck
t - tawdry
o - opaque
n - nasty

s - selfish
a - abrupt
w - wretched
y - yawn
e - envious
r - resentful

i hate peyton sawyer soon to be scott, i also hate leyton. i'm a die hard brucas fan. peyton is a back stabbing two faced bitch, and she knows it. she stole lucas from brooke, which i have no idea why, since brooke davis is actually pretty, in season one. in season two she told brooke to go after him, only so in season three she could tell brooke that she still has feelings for him. brooke broke up with him in season four, so they could be together, and she gets mad because brooke had sex with nathan when she was drunk and they where broken up. when lucas and brooke where never broken up, and they where never drunk when they cheated on brooke. in season five she did the same thing to lindsay, who was only being nice to her. and yet, she still gets her happy ending.

i mean her personal sotry is sad. her mother dying and all. but still i hate her, and there is not way on earth i'd ever like p. sawyer.


peyton should die.
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